Secure Talk #3

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Secure Talk #3

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Cybersecurity Update

April 30th, 2018

The latest info on threats, tools, and trends related to cybersecurity and compliance.

Brought to you by adaQuest, your cybersecurity and compliance partner. 

Secure Talk – April 30th 2018


adaQuest Blog Posts

adaQuest Delivers GDPR Presentation at ISSA Puget Sound

Microsoft’s Cyber Defense Operations Center and Cybercrime Center

The Changing Face of IT Security


Secure Talk Podcasts

Interview with ISSA Puget Sound Chapter President, Justin White

IT Integrations for Mergers & Acquisitions

Interview with Security Architect Matt Soseman from Microsoft

Paul Johnson from adaQuest talks about taking the CISSP Exam


Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

Hyland Perceptive Document Filters DOCX to HTML Code Execution Vulnerability

Could GDPR Provide Cover for Bad Actors?

When is a Windows Vulnerabiity Not a Vulnerability? When MSFT Says so?

Cryptocurrency Bezop (BEZ) Leaks Personal Information for Thousands of Investors

Open Radar Bug Reports (iOS & Mac)

The Four Things Driving the Cybersecurity Industry

Your weekend guide to computer security cockups

App Data Not Protected

Alexa Could Be Spying on You!

PDF Files Can Be Abused to Steal Windows Credentials

US-CERT (U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team)



The Best Global Approach May Be a LOCAL One for Direct Mail etc.

EU moves to regulate tech giants’ business practices


Secure Talk is brought to you by adaQuest, your cybersecurity and compliance partner. To learn how adaQuest can help improve your organization’s security and compliance posture please contact:
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