Adoption and Change Management Advanced SpecializationX

“adaQuest has obtained the Microsoft Adoption and Change Management

Advanced Specialization.

The Microsoft Adoption and Change Management advanced specialization is reserved for partners with an active Gold Cloud Productivity Competency, and allows the partner to demonstrate a deep knowlegde, extensive experience and proven success in driving Microsoft 365 usage and organizational change, providing adoption and change management services.

    • We help customers realize desired outcomes, adopting new services and embrace behavioral changes.


    • You will have six times more likely to meet or exceed business objectives with effective change management.


    • We deliver lifetime value through Microsoft 365 adoption.

When it comes to Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Adavanced Specializaiton, you need an experienced partnert as adaQuet to provide you:

Connect with trusted Microsoft solution providers: Microsoft certified solution providers specialize in providing up-to-date Microsoft technology-based customer solutions all over the world.

Save time and Money: A certified Microsoft solution provider can assess your business goals, identify a solution that meets your business needs and help your business become more agile and efficient.

Grow your business: Microsoft solution providers can help you take full advantage, opening a wide array of new opportunities for you to grow your business and your revenue.

“Empower your people to be productive and organizational change as they adapt to new ways of working with Microsoft. ”