Secure your Multi-Cloud Environment with Microsoft Entra

by automating the remediation of Permissions


Understands how Permissions can impact the attack surface risk in your cloud infrastructure

How to get a comprehensive visibility into permissions assigned to all identities

Understand how to remediate and prevent identities from being compromised

Today’s world reflects a new reality…

of permissions on major cloud platforms are considered high risk and can cause catastrophic damage if used incorrectly

Onboard and implement Microsoft Entra, a CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) Solution to discover, remediate and monitor the permissions of users and resources across your multi-cloud infrastructure.

adaQuest will audit entitlement permissions posture across your multi-cloud infrastructure, provide risks assessment associated with Permissions Creep, and define a plan to right-size unused and excessive permissions, enable Just-Enough-Privilege for zero trust security.

With the Entra Permission Risk Assessment, we take a four-phased approach:

Your Team will experience the power of Microsoft Entra Permission Management

Risk Assessment Report of permissions in your environment for excessive and unused permissions

Integrate Entra ML-powered Alerts with Microsoft Teams for collaboration of activities

Provide a roadmap to increase security posture


Data Collection

Data Analysis


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