Accelerate digital transformation with Inside Azure for IT

Accelerate digital transformation with Inside Azure for IT

Over the last year, we’ve seen accelerated cloud adoption and digital transformation across every industry—all aimed at optimizing business operations, saving money, and enhancing customer experiences. As organizations continue to transform, IT will continue to be in a position of leadership—with a vision of what’s possible. Your responsibilities as IT professionals will continue to grow and keeping your cloud skills up to date is critical to fuel your innovation and success.

Today, we’re introducing Inside Azure for IT, a new online technical skilling program with resources designed for cloud professionals of all skill levels. Use the new resource to stay current on Azure best practices and get your questions answered by our technical experts so you can transform IT operations to drive business growth and innovation.

Inside Azure for IT gives you access to Ask the Expert sessions where our experts answer (in real-time) your most difficult cloud infrastructure questions, plus Expert Series videos that dive even deeper into best practices and demos for modernizing your on-premises, multicloud, and edge environments. In addition, access a new video series I’m hosting that shares insights from industry leaders on how to solve your real-world IT challenges.

SAP and Microsoft

More than just a lift-and-shift to the cloud, a secure and scalable SAP S/4HANA landscape on Azure enables an internal cultural shift that positively impacts customers, and we share how IT is leading this shift by bringing data, tools, and people together.

Extending the datacenter with VMware and Azure

How to make things easier for customers—from migration to disaster recovery, networking, and more. What new services are coming soon to Azure VMware Solution so customers can migrate their on-premises environment without any application changes.

Learn more with Inside Azure for IT

Insights uncovered in this episode are just a peek into the many technical and cloud-skilling resources available in this new resource. See these key migration and modernization capabilities come to life, deepen your technical cloud skills, and engage with Microsoft Azure product experts live to have your questions answered. Learn more at Inside Azure for IT.


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