Assessments for Small & Medium Businesses

Assessments for Small & Medium Businesses

One of the biggest challenges when making important IT-related decisions is getting a clear understanding of where you are currently at in terms what you own, what’s being used, and what the potential cost reductions and benefits to productivity and security might be. Without a clear baseline picture and an impartial analysis, you are at the mercy of educated and uneducated opinions of internal stakeholders and external vendors.

This can be especially challenging for small and medium sized business (SMBs) since they often lack the bandwidth or the in-house expertise to conduct the appropriate assessments and to comprehensively analyze different deployment options.

At adaQuest we provide both our enterprise and our SMB customers with several different assessment and analysis options that cover both Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms and tools. Many of the assessments are free for qualified customers. Below are some of the more common programs for our SMB customers.

Azure Basic Analysis Assessment

A 4 to 6-week analysis of an organization’s IT environment to deliver a broad view of data-driven insights on various cloud options across the desktop and datacenter. This program is designed for organizations that are just getting started on their cloud journey.

The Modern Workplace Security Assessment

This is a half day analysis of an organization’s security and policy status vs. current threats by using the Customer-Security-Assessment-Tool (CSAT).

Modern Workplace Teams Assessment

A half-day analysis of an organization’s IT environment to provide business continuity by facilitating remote work. This assessment also helps to identify potential vulnerabilities by scanning endpoints and also identifies way to improve collaboration and productivity.

Security Scorecard

Security Scorecard provides an instant snapshot of your organization’s security performance (graded A-F) across 10 critical security risk factors. It also provides detailed recommendations and peer group comparisons.

To learn more and to see if your organization qualifies for a complimentary assessment, please contact: [email protected]

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