Azure Updates – Apr 01-08 2022

Azure Updates

Azure Updates – Apr 01-08 2022

Get the latest updates on Azure products and features to meet your cloud investment needs.


4 abr Public preview: Azure Bastion support for Kerberos authentication

Azure Bastion now supports the Kerberos authentication protocol in public preview.


4 abr Generally available: Apache Spark 3.1.2 in Azure HDinsight

Spark 3.1 is now generally available on HDInsight 4.0 release across all regions.


4 abr Generally available: Apache Kafka 2.4 in Azure HDinsight

Apache Kafka 2.4 is now in Azure HDinsight.


4 abr Public preview: Arm64-based Azure VMs can deliver up to 50% better price-performance

New general-purpose and memory-optimized Azure Virtual Machines, which feature Ampere Altra Arm-based processors, deliver even better price-performance than comparable x86-based Azure Linux Virtual Machines.


5 abr Generally available: Support for copying tiles added to Azure IoT Central

IoT Central customers will now be able to quickly build new visuals in their dashboards by simply copying an existing tile.


5 abr Generally available: Azure Data Explorer Inline script deployment with ARM Template

We can now build an entire Azure Data Explorer environment with ARM template. Schema entities (e.g. tables, functions, policies) can be deployed without an external storage account.


5 abr Public preview: Azure Virtual Machines DCsv3 available in Switzerland and West US

Confidential computing DCsv3 and DCdsv3-series virtual machines (VMs) are in preview in Switzerland North and West US.


5 abr Generally available: Azure Virtual Machines increase storage throughput by up to 300%

Microsoft is announcing the general availability of the Ebs/Ebds v5 memory optimized Azure VM series, that deliver up to 300% increase in remote storage performance compared to prior generation VMs.


5 abr Public preview: Capacity reservation support in AKS

You can now use reserved capacity with AKS via the capacity reservation feature.


Apr 6 Public preview: Azure Backup supports metrics and metric alerts for Azure Blobs

You can now monitor the restore job health of your backed up blobs via Azure Monitor metrics and write custom alert rules on these metrics.


Apr 6 Generally available: Support for Private Link in Azure IoT Central

Enhance your security posture by privately connecting devices to Azure IoT Central via private endpoint, eliminating exposure to the public internet.


Apr 6 Generally available: Azure storage table access using Azure Active Directory

Accessing Azure storage table using Azure AD for authentication and Azure RBAC for authorization provides superior security over using shared key for access.


Apr 7 General availability: Azure Data Explorer supports Azure private endpoints

Enhance your security posture by leveraging Azure private endpoints to connect to your Azure Data Explorer cluster privately


Apr 7 General availability: Azure Backup now supports vault-archive tier for Azure VMs

Azure Backup now provides the capability to move long term retention (LTR) recovery points to low-cost archive tier for Azure Virtual Machines.


Apr 7 Generally available: Diagnostic audit logs for Automation accounts

Forward Azure Automation diagnostic audit logs to Log analytics workspace to keep track of changes at the automation account level.


Apr 7 Update: Azure AD Graph retirement date

Update your apps to use Microsoft Graph.


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