Azure Updates – December 13-17 2021

Azure Updates

Azure Updates – December 13-17 2021

Get the latest updates on Azure products and features to meet your cloud investment needs.

Dec 14 Azure HPC – CycleCloud 8.2.1 is now generally available

The new release includes Slurm and VMSS improvements as well as seven new bug fixes.


Dec 14 Azure HPC Cache now generally available in Germany West Central and US West 3

New regional availability of Azure HPC Cache expands access to low-latency compute.


Dec 15 Azure Cache for Redis: Diagnostics for connected clients is generally available

Use Azure diagnostic settings to log information on all client connections to your Azure Cache for Redis instance.


Dec 15 Public preview: Microsoft Defender for Containers adds new capabilities for Kubernetes

Take advantage of several new and improved Kubernetes related capabilities via the Microsoft Defender for Containers offering.


Dec 15 Azure Stream Analytics jobs to write to Azure Database for PostgreSQL in public preview

Choose Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Single Server, Flexible Server, or Hyperscale (Citus) as an output for your Azure Stream Analytics jobs to store real time analytical data.


Dec 15 Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Hyperscale (Citus): New toolkit certifications generally available

New Toolkit certifications are now available on Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Hyperscale (Citus), a managed service running the open-source Postgres database on Azure.


Dec 15 Azure Cosmos DB: Python SDK async IO support in public preview

Improve database performance by running IO tasks concurrently using the Azure Cosmos DB Python SDK async support capability.


Dec 15 Public preview: Azure Kubernetes Service configuration management with GitOps

You can now enable and use GitOps to manage configuration and applications in AKS clusters.


Dec 15 General availability: UI Library for Azure Communication Services

Developers can simplify the cross-channel user experiences within their applications with Azure Communication Services UI Library.


Dec 15 Public preview: Windows Server guest licensing offer for Azure Stack HCI

A new, simple, and flexible offer for Azure Stack HCI customers to acquire Windows Server guest licensing now for $0 while in public preview.


Dec 15 Azure SQL—General availability updates for December 2021

General availability enhancements and updates released for Azure SQL for December 2021.


Dec 15 Automated key rotation in Azure Key Vault is now in public preview

Automated key rotation in Key Vault allows security officers to improve data security.


Dec 16 Placement polices now generally available for Azure VMware Solution

Placement policies enable admins to specify constraints or rules when allocating Virtual Machines within an Azure VMware Solution private cloud. With this update, the creation and assignment of vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) rules for running Virtual Machines in an Azure VMware Solution SDDC has been simplified and is now executable directly from the Azure Portal for cloud admin roles.


Dec 16 Soft delete for blobs capability for Azure Data Lake Storage is now generally available

If you have processes or tools to detect accidental deletion of files and directories for your Azure Data Lake Storage accounts, you can now also restore the deleted objects using soft delete for blobs capability. During the retention period that you specify, you can now restore a soft-deleted object to its state at the time it was deleted.


Dec 17 Public preview of Snowflake connector for Azure Purview

You can now scan your Snowflake artifacts including streams, columns, stored procedures, and functions/pipes.


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