Azure Updates – Feb14-Mar11 2022

Azure Updates

Azure Updates – Feb14-Mar11 2022

Get the latest updates on Azure products and features to meet your cloud investment needs.


Feb 14 Public preview: OCR supports 164 languages in the Cognitive Services Computer Vision

Computer Vision Read API for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), part of Cognitive Services, announces its public preview with support for new languages including Arabic, Hindi, and other regional languages with the same writing scripts. It also extends handwritten OCR support for Japanese and Korean, along with enhancements for handwritten dates, names, and amounts and general performance and AI quality enhancements.


Feb 14 General availability: Azure Sphere version 22.02 expected on Feb 28, 2022

Participate in the retail evaluation now to ensure full compatibility. The OS evaluation period for 22.02 provides 14 days for backward compatibility testing.


Feb 16 General availability: Azure tags support in AKS

You can now specify a tag, create or update of AKS cluster to track resource usage.


Feb 16 Now available: CIS benchmarks for Kubernetes

AKS now meets CIS benchmark standards for Kubernetes.


Feb 16 Public preview: Kubernetes v1.23 support in AKS

Take advantage of new features in Kubernetes v1.23.


Feb 16 Generally available: Hotpatch for Windows Server virtual machines

Hotpatch (reboot-less update) is now in general availability for Windows Server virtual machines as part of Azure Automanage for Windows Server.


Feb 16 Public preview: Azure Monitor predictive autoscale for Azure virtual machine scale sets

Predictive autoscale for Azure virtual machine scale sets can manage and scale your virtual machine scale sets by observing and learning from historical CPU usage patterns.


Feb 16 Public preview: App Service Environment v3 Migration Feature

Migration guidance allows you to move to App Service Environment v3 and take advantage of refreshed infrastructure, better performance, and the removal of the stamp fee found on older versions.


Feb 16 Generally available: Alert processing rules in Azure Monitor

Alert processing rules (formerly action rules) provide post-processing capabilities for fired alerts in Azure Monitor.


Feb 16 General availability: Developer portal widget for embedding custom HTML code

Use custom HTML code widget to extend developer portal’s functionality.


Feb 16 Public preview: Azure Tables extension for Azure Functions

Azure Functions has an updated Tables extension, now in its own NuGet package


Feb 16 Generally available: Virtual Machine level disk bursting supports additional VM types

Handle unforeseen disk traffic spikes smoothly without the need to overprovision your virtual machine with virtual machine level disk bursting.


Feb 16 General availability: Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Hyperscale (Citus) additional regions available

Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Hyperscale (Citus) is now available in the Central US, South Central US, West Central US, and West US regions to distribute your Postgres database.


Feb 16 Generally available: Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Hyperscale (Citus) new certifications

New compliance certifications are now available on Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Hyperscale (Citus), a managed service running the open-source Postgres database on Azure.


Feb 16 Public preview: Azure Machine Learning February 2022 announcements

New features now available in public preview include automatic time series ID detection for automation, automatedML model’s training code generation, and move Azure Machine Learning workspaces between subscriptions.


Feb 17 Generally available: New learning content on the Azure IoT Central homepage

The Azure IoT Central homepage has been refreshed with new learning content to help you start your IoT solution development.


Feb 17 In development: Price sheet download as a zip file

Price sheet download experience update for using Azure in a small business environment.


Feb 17 General availability: Automatically delete a VM and its associated resources simultaneously

You can now automatically delete disks, NICs, and Public IPs associated with a VM at the same time you delete the VM.


Feb 17 Public preview: Cross region virtual machine restore points

Create restore points in any region and copy restore points from one region to another.


Feb 17 Public preview: Resource configuration changes

Resource configuration changes, a feature enabling the querying of changes to Azure resource configurations across subscriptions, management groups, and tenant, is now in public preview.


Feb 22 General availability: Localization available in Azure Purview

The Azure Purview UX team has localized Azure Purview studio to 18 languages.

Feb 22 General availability: Application Gateway mutual authentication

Enable frontend mutual authentication and listener specific SSL policies on Application Gateway, now generally available.


Feb 22 Public preview: Cost Management anomaly detection for subscriptions

Azure Cost Management offers subscription cost anomaly detection within the cost analysis preview to raise awareness and help identify unexpected changes in cost.


Feb 23 Public preview: New capabilities for Azure Monitor logs

Add value and increase cost effectiveness with Azure Monitor logs


Feb 23 General availability: Custom retention for AzureActivity and Usage data tables

Set specific retention periods on AzureActivity and Usage data tables in Log Analytics workspaces, keeping such data for a longer time, while maintaining the workspace retention as low as needed.


Feb 23 Generally available: Log Analytics data export in Azure Monitor

Log Analytics data export is ready for production deployments, supporting most tables in Log Analytics workspaces.


Feb 24 Generally available: Direct enterprise agreement on Azure Cost Management and Billing

Manage your enrollment hierarchy, view account usage, and monitor costs directly from the Azure Cost Management and Billing menu on the Azure portal (for direct enterprise agreement customers on commercial cloud).


Feb 24 Public preview: WordPress enhancements for App Service

Improvements include a new image, multiple hosting plans, better performance, and simplified configuration.


Feb 24 Public preview: Azure NetApp Files – application consistent snapshot tool v5.1

Application consistent snapshot tool is a command-line tool for simplifying data protection for third-party databases in Linux environments.


Feb 24 Generally available: Azure NetApp Files new region and cross-region replication

Azure NetApp Files is now available in an additional Australia region and supports a new cross-region replication pair.


Feb 24 Public preview: Elastic and Azure Spring Cloud integration

Monitor every step of your cloud journey with the integration of Azure Spring Cloud logs and metrics into Elastic and instrument Spring Boot applications.


Feb 24 Public preview: Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise

Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise includes fully managed VMware Tanzu components to help you ship faster as well as long term support for Spring projects to unlock Spring’s full potential.


Feb 24 Generally available: Utilize multiple backups per day for Azure Files in Azure Backup

The feature that allows you to configure multiple backups per day for Azure Files via backup policy is now generally available.


Feb 24 Generally available: Updated navigation menu in Azure IoT Central

The Azure IoT Central navigation menu has been updated to make it easier to find product capabilities. Pages have been re-ordered, re-grouped, and re-named to align with common tasks.


Feb 28 General availability: Azure Red Hat OpenShift support for OpenShift 4.9

Benefit from new features and enhancements in OpenShift release 4.9.


Feb 28 General availability: Asset certification in Azure Purview data catalog

Data stewards can now certify assets that meet their organization’s quality standards in the Azure Purview data catalog


Feb 28 General availability: Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB supports version 4.2

Utilize new aggregation pipeline functionality and client-side field encryption with Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB version 4.2.


Feb 28 General availability: Azure Sphere version 22.02

The 22.02 release includes new and changed features in the OS and the SDK.


Mar 1 Generally available: Azure Backup protects Azure Files snapshots via lease feature integration

Azure Backup now acquires a lease on the snapshots taken by scheduled/on-demand backup jobs.


Mar 2 Public preview: Enhancements to Azure Form Recognizer for Azure Applied AI Services

Azure Form Recognizer now supports extraction from custom documents, W-2 forms, access to the read API, additional human languages and enhancements.


Mar 2 Public preview: SKU recommendation in Azure SQL Migration extension – Azure Data Studio

Use the new SKU recommendation support in the Azure SQL Migration extension in Azure Data Studio for Azure SQL Managed Instance and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines.


Mar 2 Azure SQL—Public preview updates for early March 2022

Public preview enhancements and updates released for Azure SQL.


Mar 2 Azure SQL—General availability updates for early March 2022

Public preview enhancements and updates released for Azure SQL.


Mar 2 Public preview: Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB partitioning Spark 3.1

Use Azure Synapse Spark 3.1 to partition your Azure Cosmos DB data in analytical store for improved query performance.


Mar 2 Generally available: Specify API language runtime version in Azure Static Web Apps

Configuration file now allows you to specify version for supported API language runtimes.


Mar 2 Azure IoT Central generally available in South Central US and Canada Central

You can now use Azure IoT Central in South Central (United States) and Canada Central (Canada) to build reliable, scalable, and secure enterprise grade IoT Solutions.


Mar 3 Public preview: Azure Percept DK February (2202) software update

The Azure Percept February update includes fixes related to security.


Mar 7 General availability: SOAP and XML request and response validation

Minimize API attack surface for SOAP or XML- based REST APIs with custom schemas in addition to the schemas specified in the API’s definition.


Mar 8 Public preview: Schedule automated emails of your saved cost views

Subscribe to daily, weekly, or monthly updates of your saved cost views in Azure Cost Management to stay informed about changes in cost.


Mar 9 Generally available: Azure Chaos Studio Key Vault and Classic Cloud Services faults

Azure Chaos Studio has new faults available for denying access to a Key Vault and shutting down a Classic Cloud Service.


Mar 9 Public preview: Azure Backup support for trusted launch Azure Virtual Machines

Trusted Launch VM Backup support from Azure Backup helps to protect Trusted Launch VMs which improves the security of generation 2 VMs in Azure.


Mar 10 Public preview: Azure Purview workflows

You can now manage approvals for business terms or self-service data access requests for your entire data estate without having to use manual controls like emails or worksheets.


Mar 10 Public preview: On-demand capacity reservation with Azure Site Recovery safeguards VMs failover

Integrating Site Recovery with capacity reservation to reserve compute capacity in the disaster recovery region and use that for failover.


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