Azure Updates – February 07-11 2022

Azure Updates

Azure Updates – February 07-11 2022

Get the latest updates on Azure products and features to meet your cloud investment needs.


Feb 7 Private preview: AKS cluster persistent volume backup

AKS persistent volume backup provides backup and restore ability for the persistent volumes of your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster.


Feb 7 Generally available: Regional deployments for all new and existing IoT Central applications

All previously created IoT Central applications in a geography are now mapped to standard Azure region.


Feb 7 Generally Available: Recovery points extended to 15 days with Azure Site Recovery

The extended recovery points give you flexibility in how you want to manage recovery points and the ability to recover older recovery points if you missed detecting them.


Feb 7 Public preview: Azure Bastion now supports file transfer via the native client

Azure Bastion offers support for file transfer between your target VM and local computer using Bastion and a native RDP or SSH client.


Feb 7 Generally available: Azure Site Recovery update rollup 60 – January 2022

Review the improvements and fixes provided in Update Rollup 60.

Feb 8 Generally Available: Search results page improvements in Azure IoT Central

Filtering and highlighting matched values have been added to IoT Central search results allowing for richer search experience.


Feb 8 Generally available: Improved getting started material in Azure IoT Central documentation

New FAQ articles and a re-organized landing page and table of contents improves your ability to find the information you need about Azure IoT Central.


Feb 8 Generally available: Find developer resources easily with the IoT Central GitHub repository

Easily find developer resources and sample code for building Azure IoT Central solutions at the new Azure IoT Central GitHub repository.


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