Azure Updates – January 24-28 2022

Azure Updates

Azure Updates – January 24-28 2022

Get the latest updates on Azure products and features to meet your cloud investment needs.


Jan 24 Generally available: Azure Site Recovery support for ZRS Managed Disks

With ASR, you can protect your VMs that uses ZRS managed disks by replicating them to a secondary region of your choice.


Jan 24 Generally available: Kibana dashboards and visualizations on top of Azure Data Explorer

Elasticsearch and Kibana users can now easily migrate to Azure Data Explorer (ADX) while keeping Kibana as their visualization tool, alongside the other Azure Data Explorer experiences.A new version…


Jan 24 Generally available: Azure Backup releases new updates for hybrid backups

The new enhancements released for the security of hybrid backups enable you to integrate with MUA, protect against accidental deletion and avoid data loss in soft delete state.


Jan 24 Public preview: Support for private links available on the new agent

Start using the new agent and data collection rules in environments with special network requirements and maintain network isolation by leveraging private links.


Jan 25 Generally available: Azure NetApp Files features

Azure NetApp Files features – dual protocol, ADDS LDAP over TLS and SMB3 protocol encryption have reached general availability.


Jan 25 Generally available: Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server in two new regions

Provision your Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server today in the China East 2 and China North 2 regions.


Jan 25 Public Preview: Azure NetApp Files new features

Azure NetApp Files new features recently added in public preview. The new capabilities enhance your experience in using NetApp Files.


Jan 27 Public preview: Multitasking in the cost analysis preview

Azure Cost Management has a new tabbed experience to streamline analysis as you drill into costs.


Jan 27 Public preview: Azure Percept DK January (2201) software update is available

The Azure Percept January update includes fixes related to security.


Jan 27 General availability: Azure Key Vault increased service limits for all its customers

Azure Key Vault service throughput limits have been increased for each vault, driving higher performance for your applications.


Jan 27 General availability: New Azure Maps features historical weather, air quality, and tropical storms

Develop weather and climatology enabled solutions using the historical weather, air quality and tropical storms features from Azure Maps Weather Services.


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