Azure Updates – November 15-19 2021

Azure Updates

Azure Updates – November 15-19 2021

Get the latest updates on Azure products and features to meet your cloud investment needs.

Nov 15 Public preview: VM Applications – Manage and deploy applications to Virtual Machines and Scale Sets

With VM Applications, you can create and securely store application packages in an Azure Compute Gallery. Package management is greatly simplified with logical grouping and versioning capabilities and packages can be shared with other users in your organization, across subscriptions, and tenants.


Nov 15 Azure VMware Solution is now generally available in Japan West Azure Region

Azure VMware Solution has expanded availability to Japan West. With this release Japan West is now the second region within the Japan sovereign area to become available (joining Japan East).


Nov 16 General availability: NFSv4.1 support on Azure Files

With NFS (Network File Share) on Azure Files, you can now deploy fully managed, POSIX compliant, distributed NFS file shares in your production environments for a wide variety of workloads.


Nov 16 General availability: Microsoft Azure available from new cloud region in Sweden

Azure is now available from our newest sustainable datacenter region Sweden Central.


Nov 16 Public preview: Run Command – Execute PowerShell or shell scripts on Virtual Machines and Scale Sets

The updated Run Commands are now management orientated, allows to run multiple scripts, track their progress and define Run Command resources in ARM templates to automate VM deployments.


Nov 16 East Asia Availability Zones now generally available

Azure Availability Zones are now generally available in the East Asia region. These three new zones provide you with options for additional resiliency and tolerance to infrastructure impact.


Nov 16 General availability: Azure API Management updates- October 2021

Azure API Management is now available with new updates such as support for managed identity authentication for communication with Application Insights, ability to import Container App as an API and more.


Nov 17 General availability: Copy data to/from Azure Data Explorer using Azure Data Factory or Synapse Analytics

Mapping Data Flows provides scale-out data transformation in the cloud in Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics. With these additional connectors, you can build ETL patterns at Spark scale in a code-free design environment without ever touching the Spark compute. Azure Integration Runtimes allow you to define the Spark environment and provide a serverless Spark compute for your data transformation pipelines.


Nov 17 SFTP support for Azure Blob Storage – now in public preview

Azure Blob Storage is the only storage platform that supports SFTP over object storage natively in a serverless fashion, enabling you leverage object storage economics and features with legacy workloads that use SFTP.


Nov 17 Public preview: Azure Spring Cloud start and stop, bring your own persistent storage, and Service Connector

Azure Spring Cloud now lets you start and stop your applications to reduce costs, bring your own persistent storage for logs and dumps, and connect your apps with Azure services more easily using Service Connector.


Nov 17 Public preview: Monitor Spring Boot apps in Azure Spring Cloud with AppDynamics

With the integration of AppDynamics in Azure Spring Cloud, developers can keep using a popular and familiar application performance monitoring (APM) tool to monitor Spring Boot applications.


Nov 17 Virtual machines selector now generally available

The newly released virtual machines selector lets you quickly find the Azure VMs and disk storage options that meet your requirements. Localized in 26 different languages, the tool guides your selection based on workload categories, operating systems, and Azure regions of your choice. The virtual machine selector is integrated with the pricing calculator.


Nov 17 Public preview: Azure Machine Learning updates – November 2021

New features now available in public preview for Azure Machine Learning include test AutoML models and calculate test metrics, support for storage account IP firewall, and new pipeline capabilities using CLI v2.


Nov 17 General availability: Azure Machine Learning updates – November 2021

The new feature in general availability for Azure Machine Learning includes deploying with pre-built Inferencing docker images.


Nov 17 JetStream Disaster Recovery for Azure VMware Solution now generally available

JetStream Disaster Recovery is now generally available on Azure VMware Solution, enabling DR protection for VMware based business applications. JetStream Disaster Recovery for Azure VMware Solution is also cost-effective, leveraging Azure Blob Storage to minimize resources at the DR site.


Nov 17 Public preview: Azure SQL bindings for Azure Functions

You can connect Azure SQL to Azure Functions more easily with input and output bindings, now available in public preview.


Nov 17 Azure VMware Solution now generally available in the France Central Azure Region

Azure VMware Solution has now expanded availability to France Central, this update is in addition to the existing availability multiple Azure regions in US, Europe, Australia, Japan, UK, Canada, Brazil and Southeast Asia (Singapore).


Nov 18 General availability: New Sweden Central region added to Azure HDInsight

HDInsight is now available in more European regions, Sweden Central.


Nov 18 Public preview: Azure Virtual Machines DCv3-series now available in Europe West and North

Confidential computing DCsv3 and DCdsv3-series virtual machines (VMs) are now available in Europe West and Europe North.


Nov 19 General availability: Increased connection limit for VPN Gateways

VPN Gateways can now support up to 100 Site-to-Site/VNet-to-VNet connections for some VPN Gateway SKUs.


Nov 19 Dynamic allocation for Apache Spark in Azure Synapse now generally available

Expanded options for autoscale for Apache Spark in Azure Synapse are now available through dynamic allocation of executors.


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