Experience insights preview in Microsoft 365 admin center

Experience insights preview in Microsoft 365 admin center

Experience insights, now in Preview, is the new view in Microsoft 365 admin center to help you increase user satisfaction. It brings together data across Microsoft 365 apps and services usage, in-product feedback, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and for the first time, help article consumption data in one unified view. You can use this information to target communications, training, and more.

Note: The preview of Experience insights is available to customers with over 20,000 seats in Targeted Release. Only Global admins, Global readers, and Reports reader roles will have access to Experience insights.

When this will happen:

This new functionality is starting to roll out to Targeted Release customers.

What you need to do to prepare

If you are Global admin or Global reader, you will see a prompt to check out the Experience insights (preview) in the top right of the Microsoft 365 admin center. If you are a Reports reader, you will be defaulted into the new Experience insights preview page. You can always switch back and forth between Experience insights (preview) and the standard dashboard.

Experience Insights Preview launcher
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Experience Insights Preview dashboard
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How this will affect your organization

The Experience insights experience is designed only for the IT department. To maintain privacy, no user level data is provided in these views.

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