Important information regarding the end of support for Internet Explorer

Important information regarding the end of support for Internet Explorer

In the 2021 Wave 2 release plans we announced that the support for Internet Explorer ended on August 17, 2021. As part of the 2022 Wave 1 release in April, Internet Explorer, classic Microsoft Edge browsers and Unified Service Desk will be blocked from opening Unified Interface and model-driven Power Apps in either a browser or Unified Service Desk.

We are making this change to further improve the experience by adding browser enhancements that aren’t possible on these deprecated browsers. Leading up to the blocked experience, an app error message will be shown to users of Internet Explorer.

How does this affect me?

We identified through telemetry that some of the users within your organization are using Internet Explorer. We highly recommend that all users switch to another modern browser prior to April 2022. Users who move to Microsoft Edge (Chromium) or another modern browser will see their performance improve as much as doubled compared to Internet Explorer, and they’ll have a more consistent experience.

Mail App

Mail App will not be blocked because it uses an embedded browser determined by the Office Add-in. The browser selection from Office Add-ins is determined by OS and Office version outlined in Browsers used by Office Add-ins – Office Add-ins.

Unified Interface browser support changes

As of December 2021, the Unified Interface web browser will change to show an app message bar error for users who are running Internet Explorer. This replaces the app message bar warning that started in August 2021. The new error message will say that Internet Explorer will be blocked with the 2022 Wave 1 release. The message is shown each time the session starts and can be dismissed by the user. Please see Unified Interface browser support changes for more information.

Power Platform admin center or the classic Advanced Settings

Administrators in the Power Platform Admin center and in the model-driven apps Advanced Settings will see a warning message if their tenant has Internet Explorer users. These messages will appear regardless of the browser the administrator is using. However, after telemetry identifies, all users have stopped using Internet Explorer, the message will no longer be displayed. Please see Support end for Internet Explorer for more information.

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