May 2021 Newsletter – Week 1

May 2021 Newsletter – Week 1

Access to Settings, Zoom Controls, Keyboard Shortcuts, About, and Check for Updates is moving from the Me Menu to a new menu in the title bar. The Me Menu will be focused on account management, where users can switch to another account or tenant through the first level of the Me Menu.

Originally announced in MC219641 (July ’20), as Microsoft Teams has become the core communications client for Microsoft 365, this is a reminder the Skype for Business Online service will retire July 31, 2021. At that point, access to the service will end.

Your SharePoint modern communication and team sites will soon feature the SharePoint app bar which provides quick access to customizable global navigation as well as other intranet resources. The SharePoint app bar makes important content and resources easily accessible for users on these sites, regardless of where they might be in SharePoint.

This new Teams feature allows users to change layout to Together mode or Largegallery during a meeting conducted in Edge or Chrome browsers.

This new Teams release will expand support and allow calling participants to transfer an ongoing VoIP, PSTN or Group call between Teams devices. Users will be able to transfer a call from one device to another or even add a second device to the same call.

So you are aware: We have recently rolled out the capability to export Microsoft Lists to CSV files to all environments.

Apps will now be available for use in external meetings and chats. Users from the host organization (the user who creates a meeting or group chat) can install, update and delete apps. External users (belonging to other organizations) invited to the meeting or chat will be able to interact with only the apps host users install.

In an effort to help customers in Brazil, Microsoft has created a new incentive program to support Brazilian customers only. Customers with Office 365 subscriptions (with more than 150 paid licenses already in the subscription) will be able to add free licenses of Office 365 E1 for their entire organization giving them online access to Office Products and Online Collaboration tools for those employees that may not yet have an Office 365 license.  

This new SharePoint Portal launch scheduler will help coordinate and schedule launch details for high-traffic sites (portals). This feature provides a great end-user experience when launching a brand-new portal by enabling you to release new sites in scheduled phases, as well as better monitor site quality and performance.

This new OneDrive feature will make Link settings more discoverable by adding it to the quick permissions dropdown inside the OneDrive sharing dialog.

You will soon be able to create a policy that automatically revokes access for external guests to SharePoint Online (SPO) sites and individual OneDrives after a defined period of time.

With usage growing daily in our preview experience, we are rolling out Outlook for Mac to Preview Channel as the default experience for any user who has never tried the new experience. The default-on Outlook toggle provides access to enhanced performance and user experience across Mail, Calendar, People, and Search.

Shifts is a schedule management application in Microsoft Teams that helps you create, update, and manage schedules for your team. Shifts is enabled by default for all Teams users in your organization. You can add Shifts app to your Teams menu by clicking on the ellipses (…) and select Shifts from the app list.

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