May 2021 Newsletter – Week 2

May 2021 Newsletter – Week 2

This new external group chat feature enables your users to initiate and participate in group Teams chats with users from outside your organization, AAD identity required. Expanding on the existing ability for Teams users to find, participate in 1:1 chat, call and set up meetings with external users, external group chat in Teams supports up to 250 participants across multiple organizations in a single chat. This is rolling out on Teams desktop, web and mobile.

This new feature release will allow users to launch Word Documents and text files into Immersive Reader from OneDrive.

It is recommended that you have a working instance of Azure Sentinel get the full benefit of the SOC Process Framework Workbook, but the workbook will deploy regardless of your available log sources. Follow the steps below to enable the workbook…

  • OneDrive: iOS – Jump to Page for PDF viewing
  • OneDrive: Android – Jump to Page for PDF viewing

You will soon be able to move from page to page while viewing PDF documents in Microsoft OneDrive iOS/Android app by typing the page number in Jump to Page.

We are moving the “send” button to a more convenient and easy-to-reach position when using your thumbs to type in Outlook for iOS. This will also match the experience in quick reply.

Over the past year, as working from home became the new normal, the role of digital collaboration in SOC processes grew for many organizations. With analysts no longer having the convenience of being able to walk over to the next office to collaborate on incidents, they instead find themselves connecting over chat, email, or video.

This release of Microsoft Teams Meeting ID will be rolling out across Microsoft Teams Desktop, Mobile and Web and will provide an additional way for users to join a Microsoft Teams meeting by entering a digital ID.

The comments feature in PowerPoint will be updated to the new PowerPoint modern comments experience. Modern comments help improve your collaborative experience with features such as resolving comments, anchoring comments to objects and text, improved @mentions, and more…

In public preview, this new feature release will enable admins to take advantage of our expanded support for third-party cloud providers and migrate content from Dropbox to Microsoft 365.

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