Microsoft Teams as your project management tool

Microsoft Teams as your project management tool

Most people know Microsoft Teams as the communication tool that it is – they know that they can use Microsoft Teams to be able to connect with their colleagues and their team members via chat and voice and video calling capabilities. Unfortunately, that’s where a lot of end users’ knowledge of Microsoft Teams ends. They’re not always aware that it can do so much more than just provide a way to stay in touch.

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration tool that allows for document collaboration, presentation, and white-boarding capabilities in addition to their more well-known communication features.

Here are 5 important uses:

1.     Keep everyone informed with teams and channels: A Project Manager needs open and transparent communication throughout every aspect of the projects they’re overseeing, and Microsoft Teams has the capability to provide that!

2.    Don’t Miss Another Deadline: Deadlines are obviously vitally important to project managers and project management professionals, but lucky for you, Microsoft Teams allows you and your team to share an Outlook group calendar within the Teams platform.

3.    Use the planner function to assign tasks and keep track of what’s important: If your team is also using Microsoft Planner to help organize their projects, it can also be integrated into your Teams platform, giving you another efficient way to keep track of each project’s tasks and deadlines.

4.    Keep work accessible to everyone: Microsoft Teams can help save you time! Simply use Teams in conjunction with SharePoint to be able to access and co-author Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and more – all from the Teams platform!

5.    Don’t be afraid to make your own teams: As we’ve alluded, Teams is highly customizable with many various integrations that can be incorporated into it to make it more efficient and more effective for your Project Management team to use.

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