October 2021 Weekly Newsletter – Week 2

October 2021 Weekly Newsletter – Week 2

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The new release will bring the commenting capability available for Lists on the web to Lists within Teams. Users will be able to view, delete, and add comments on a list item inside Teams. Comments will stay with the list item regardless of it opening on SharePoint, Microsoft Lists on the web, or Teams.

Music Mode for Teams. This new feature release can be used to transmit high fidelity music. Users will be able to conduct online music lessons, transmit music performances, or other non-speech content.

This new feature will place all of the view related options that are found in Teams Meetings (Gallery, Large Gallery, Together Mode) into a separate, dedicated menu called View Switcher. This will show up on the top left of the meeting window.

Teams is adding support for Azure AD’s internal guest users (users whose UserType value is “guest” with credentials managed by the host organization either on-prem or in the cloud). These internal user would sign-into Teams like any other users and would be able to collaborate with other users in the host organization.

Viva Insights is enhancing the focus time experience for users of Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams. Users will have the ability to enroll in a focus plan and modify their focus plan settings directly from the Teams app, a function currently accessible from the Viva Insights web dashboard.

This update will bring four new SharePoint site templates to retail customers, non-profits, and healthcare organizations. The updates will allow organizations to better track, manage information, and collaborate. This will rollout across desktop, web and mobile.

By design, Microsoft Defender Antivirus is automatically disabled when a 3rd party antivirus is present on the client. We are making an update to improve security by ignoring a legacy setting, DisableAntiSpyware (which disables Microsoft Defender Antivirus).

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