Windows 365 Enterprise now supports Windows 11

Windows 365 Enterprise now supports Windows 11

Today, Microsoft announced Windows 11 availability. Windows 365 Enterprise now supports Windows 11 for all newly provisioned Cloud PCs starting on October 5, 2021.

How does this affect my organization?

There are many great improvements that Windows 11 brings to your Cloud PCs. A blog outlining the benefits of Windows 11 on Windows 365 Enterprise and can be found here.

If your organization is ready to upgrade to Windows 11, you can do so by creating a new provisioning policy and provisioning new Cloud PCs, or you can update the image in your current provisioning policies and reprovision. Remember when you reprovision, there is an impact to your users as described in a previous Message Center communication: MC287346.

If you are using custom images created prior to today, you would have received Message Center communication MC286777. Please review that for additional information on the generation 2 Virtual Machine requirements prior to upgrading to Windows 11.

What do I need to do to prepare?

For more information specific to Windows 11 please see the documentation posted here.

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