November 2021 Weekly Newsletter – Week 3

November 2021 Weekly Newsletter – Week 3

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Instead of a Copy link button, you’ll see an entire section where you can set permissions for the link and then copy it to share it with recipients. If you need to update the link permissions, you can do it directly from the Link Created dialog box as well.

We know you love custom backgrounds and blur on iOS, desktop and web, and we are excited to share that those same features are now available on Android mobile devices!

Microsoft Search is adding the capability to find relevant Microsoft Teams, and Outlook conversations when searching in SharePoint and

Now you will no longer have to see the text flipped. Imagine a scenario in which a primary school teacher has a small whiteboard in hand and is trying to teach school kids basic alphabets.

In an upcoming release, Cloud PC’s that are in grace period will begin to count towards active Cloud PC license usage. This change will ensure your organization’s active Cloud PC allocation matches the total available licenses in your tenant.

We’re updating Microsoft Secure Score improvement actions to ensure a more accurate representation of security posture.

We’re making changes to the editing experience for SharePoint pages to make it easier for users to understand where they are by adding labels, reducing clutter by consolidating actions into a single web part toolbar, and putting authors into focus mode by default to remove visual distractions.

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