Weekly Newsletter July 2022

Weekly Newsletter July 2022

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Using the new Unassign policies in bulk feature, you will be able to fetch all users associated with a policy individually, before removing the assignment so that users can get the correct policy.

Teams meetings organizers can soon set up Q&A in their meetings via Meeting Options. Q&A is perfect for large or structured meetings – such as trainings, town hall, all hands and more.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (WXP) are now available as Teams Personal Apps. There are no changes to the existing file open behavior for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in Teams, however there are new abilities that the WXP Personal Apps can provide. Additionally, this change comes with a number of UX improvements to the Office ribbon in Teams to provide a decluttered experience consistent with Office for the Web.

What is Review mode?

When you open a document that was shared with you for review, you are automatically placed in Review mode.

In Microsoft To Do, we surface tasks from different sources to provide users with a single place for all of their tasks. One aspect we want to ensure is that tasks that are captured will always be linked back to the source of where they were created.

The ability to provide feedback using Net Promoter Score (NPS) is coming soon to Whiteboard web, Teams and the Windows app.

Microsoft Teams is updating the user experience for how in-meeting notifications are displayed. With this update, there will be less distractions during meetings and it will be easier to understand important information (e.g. a meeting being recorded).

Reducing cyber risk requires comprehensive risk-based vulnerability management to identify, assess, remediate, and track all your biggest vulnerabilities across your most critical assets, all in a single solution.

This feature is an Intelligent translation feature. Teams Mobile will prompt the user to translate a message when it’s not in a language they understand. This feature will be available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Today, you can write M365 groups back to their on-premises Active Directory as universal distribution groups. With this public preview, we’ve expanded what groups can be written back, added the ability to manage groups for writeback in MS Graph and the Azure Admin Portal, and added a feature in Azure AD Connect to make it easier to find your groups on-prem.

With Cameo in PowerPoint Live, users will be able to integrate Teams camera feed into PowerPoint presentation and customize how and where they want to appear on slides.

If you are a small or medium-size organization using one of Microsoft’s business plans, the guidance in this article helps you tighten the security of your organization. Among your choices, Microsoft 365 Business Premium leads the way since it now includes Microsoft Defender for Business and other security protections.

We understand more now than ever small businesses are facing challenges they’ve never experienced before. We’re here to share some of the new and exciting features on Web that we find useful.

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