Weekly Newsletter October 2022

Weekly Newsletter October 2022

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Focus Mode in Viva Insights Teams App

The focus time experience in Microsoft Teams is being enhanced for users with Viva Insights subscriptions. Users that have booked time through focus plan will receive a notification as their focus time nears. Upon clicking the notification, the user will enter a new focus mode experience. Focus mode will allow users to set a timer to balance short bursts of productivity with breaks, manage their task list, and tap into mindfulness exercises during their breaks.


Advanced Microsoft Authenticator security features

After announcing the public preview of critical Microsoft Authenticator security features, we’re thrilled today to share that Advanced Microsoft Authenticator security features are now Generally Available for you to further secure your organization…


Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence (MDTI)

Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence (MDTI) is a threat hunting and investigation solution that provides context on cyber threats, IoCs, threat actors, and related infrastructure via raw data sets and finished TI (Threat Intelligence) necessary to accelerate investigations. It can provide finished intelligence with actionable IOCs authored by Microsoft researchers with the ability to query hosts, domains, and IPs to identify adversarial infrastructure and enrich alerts. MDTI can also integrate with Sentinel for correlating malicious IOCs with internal telemetry from logs. Also, to add more context, MDTI is based on the RiskIQ acquisition by Microsoft in 2021.


Sign Language experience in Teams Meetings

We are introducing a new Sign Language experience in Teams Meetings to help meeting participants who use sign language to prioritize interpreters and other sign language users so that they remain visible in in a static, central location on the meeting stage, with higher video quality. Specific sign language users inside the organization that you work with regularly – such as regular interpreters – can be prioritized across all meetings by adding them to a prioritized signer list under Settings > Accessibility in the Teams app. Sign language view is a personal, user-level setting, and is visible only for those who have turned it on. It will not be shown to the rest of the meeting participants. The feature is presently available only on Teams Desktop.


Advanced Virtual Appointments in Teams Premium

Advanced Virtual Appointments in Teams Premium provides an end-to-end solution designed to help you drive better customer experiences and operational excellence for business-to-customer engagements.

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